artizn beverage revolution

artizn est une délicieuse série de ‘smooth tonic’ aux allures de parfum et un véritable élixir de beauté et de longévité. Ultra fashion, elle est distribuée dans les bars et restaurants les plus branchés de New-York.


Interview de Fréderic Naayem le créateur de la marque artizn
by Un Homme Une Femme


1. Artizn, what is it?

Artizn is a brand that represents craftsmanship and creativity. We create smooth-tasting and non-effervescent tonics by pairing aged-vinegar with natural ingredients that work in harmony to bring you delight and wellbeing with every bottle.


2. How did you come up with the idea to create this drink?

I had previously worked in a corporate environment and didn’t see a future for myself there. I felt limited and unable to express my full self or my creativity. Entrepreneurship is much more liberating, rewarding and better suited for what I want to accomplish.

Food and beverage is something I have always been passionate about so it feels natural for me to be in this industry. What really motivated to make the jump were the product itself and the supplier.

Our vinegar comes from a family farm that has existed for over 35 generations; they are amongst the very few naturally fermented vinegar suppliers in the world.

Their sole intention is to create the healthiest vinegar, while maintaining traditional craft methods; the vinegar is aged for a 3 year long period and brewed with 20 different medicinal herbs. Our values were aligned; create something of quality that benefits the consumer. This was enough for me to pursue creating the brand and bringing it to market.


3. Where did you find the inspiration to compose the flavours of your 3 beverage range?

I wanted to create drinks using ingredients that pair well together and that aren’t as appreciated as they should be. We strictly use only natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, no flavors, no preservatives. All our drinks are under 5g of sugar that comes from the fruit, no added sugar and are all under 50 cal. We are plant based, allergen free and incredibly delicious.

4. How did you create the Artizn brand with Un Homme Une Femme ?

We started with values, we wanted to honor the vinegar and honor the work that went into creating it.
We then focused on where the product will live, what environment will the consumer find it, what experience do we want the consumer to have. Un Homme Une Femme did an excellent job at synthesizing the ethos of the brand and creating a design that not only reflects the tradition and high quality of the product but also presents it in a unique and modern light.



5. What time and with which dish, pastry, meal … can we enjoy these drinks?

In the morning, empty stomach to cleanse your body and start your metabolism
In between meals to curb your appetite
With a healthy lunch, pairs well with a salad
Used as a mixer for a mocktail or even a cocktail

6. With which famous person would you like to taste it?

I would love to get this in the hands of David Chang, he is someone I very much look up to and I think would appreciate the beverage.

7. The next step for your brand?

Enter the right accounts, educate consumers on the benefits and share it with as many people as possible.

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